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Price of Style- Market Watch by Geraldine Santiago



I subscribe to a fantastic magazine called Canadian House and Home. I tend to keep the editions that I like the MOST. This special anniversary edition was published December 2006 to commemorate 20 Years of the Best- the houses, the people, the stories with Lynda Reeves editor.


They noted on house prices in Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver in 1986 and twenty years later----2006.  House prices, landscaping cost, a gallon of interior wall paint, 200-thread-count cotton sheets, etc. have all gone up in price.  There are a few items that have decreased such  as 20" box TV, and track lighting are a few things that in 2006 are cheaper.


Now fast forward all the way to 2014 and house prices have just sky rocketed! Why has the Canadian real estate market and especialy Vancouver been so expensive?  


Plain and simple- it's such an attractive city to live, work, study and play!  On a recent family trip to Seattle,by car, we somehow got lost.  I wanted to ask the other car driver for directions and my husband warned me that I could get shot by doing so, just because Americans are allowed to carry guns.  There you have it, my friends!  That's why Canada is an attractive place to live.  


I've been lucky enough to travel all around the world ever since I was young.  I've visited many countries and when it comes down to it, nothing truly beats our Canadian lifestyle. That's why when it comes to real estate, many others new to our country find it attractive to live here!





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