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I'm always asked about whether or not buyers or sellers can purchase or sell a home on their own. The analogy is like pulling teeth while at a dentist or building my own house. Though technically, I could pull my own tooth, or if I was stranded on a deserted island and had to make my own shelter, then perhaps. But if not, then my answer is NO!!!

In the case of my tooth, I could hurt myself, damage the roots or nerves, get an infection, bleed profusely, and so on. When building a house, I know the rudiments of making a house, but I wouldn't want to use a saw or drill or use heavy equipment and machinery. So, in the same way, when buying or selling real estate, why not hire a professional Realtor? There are so many things a home buyer / seller must do in order to have a successful sale and it is always better to leave it to professionals.

Thinking of selling your own home on your own?  As a FOB you are still subject to adhering to all the laws and requirements surrounding a sale of a home. You will still need to have a property condition disclosure statement, incur costs for the other Realtor bringing in a bonefide buyer, a lawyer or notary public, marketing your property, showing your property and a whole, lot more.  

Did you know that Realtors adhere to the bylaws in the different municipalities regarding signage?  Municipalities are now stepping up and enforcing sign by-laws issuing warning letters to offenders but also confiscating signs or issuing hefty fines. These bylaws deal with real estate sign placement and size and these bylaws differ depending on the municipality. 

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