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Your neighbourhood


Your neighbourhood is very important because this is the place where your home is.  Choosing a neighbourhood can be difficult, because for first time home buyers, the chances are that price points will determine your neighbourhood.  

So, let's look at it closely.  Does this neighbourhood have public transit nearby?  More and more young millenials are choosing to take public transit or ride sharing. According to a BIV report by ICBC in 2017, there were fewer car owners in British Columbia because of the high gasoline prices, high cost to main a vehicle, and of course the cost to park, and purchase a vehicle.  

What about access to you shopping, grocery, pharmacy, banks? Are these located in your neighbourhood? In real estate, Realtors use the app called "WALKSCORE" to determine the neighbourhood's walkability. The higher the walkscore or bike score, the more favourable it is because of the convenience to a local bakery, butchery or produce store.  

In today's real estate market, buyers should note that your neighbourhood and what it offers, is important. Though box stores like Superstore and Costco still exist, smaller grocery stores like  your neighbourhood No Frills and Pure Pharmacy are thriving because of its convenience. 

Schools, parks, community centres, place of worship, all play an important role in your neighbourhood. If you're not sure, ask me about the neighbourhood you are thinking of purchasing!