Land Assembly Listings

We presently have land assembly projects in Surrey and Victoria. For more information on our land assembly projects, please contact Michael Gibson and/or Geraldine Santiago for a developer's package.


According to Census Canada in 2016 the population was recorded at 517,887, an increase of 10.6% from 2011. This made it the 12th largest city in Canada, while also being the fourth largest in Western Canada (after Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver). In recent years, a rapidly expanding urban core in Downtown Surrey, located in Whalley has transformed the area into the secondary downtown core in Metro Vancouver. 

Victoria, BC 

According to Statistics Canada, the population of Victoria has outpaced the National Average and has one of the lowest unemployments rates, sitting at 4.4%.

Victoria is known for its disproportunately large retiree population. Some 6.4 percent of the poulation of Victoria and its surrounding area are more than 80 years of age-- the highest proportion for any of Canad'as metropolitan areas. By population, Greater Victoria is the 15th largest metropolitan area in Canada. The Capital Regional District, which includes additional rural areas, has a total population of 345,164.

Developers: Please contact Geraldine Santiago @ (604) 764-6873 or Michael Gibson  @ (604) 812-5152 for our current land assembly exclusive listings with details of our projects which are not listed on MLS.